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Mad Bodger's Log: Black Mage Outriders (Greylord Outriders)

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The Black Mage army grows.

Cavalry was always a gap my Khadoran forces (aside from the Dragoon units), one part was the rules confused me and the other I just didn’t like the models. Second part is the same reason for my lack of winterguard.


while bodging my other Greylord models into Black Mages the Outriders went on sale.

So I picked them up.

Still didn’t like the horses. Clearly the path forward was to replace them with Chocobos.

Tricky part was figuring out how without seeking additional models.

I’ve made one years ago as part of a Fenris/Fighter conversion but it wasn’t great or viable to build enough for a whole unit. So I butchered it for it’s wings to be used for this bodge.

and now on to the bodge:

Some of my methods MAY be questionable to some (lack of pinning for one) but ideally stuff shown here will be helpful.

Parts list:

First step was to build one to see if the idea would work.

With those bits in place it was time for some sculpting.

It was sorta implied before but I will make it more clear here. These are the parts cloned and what they were used for.

and how that process looks.

While parts were getting cloned I prepped the other horses and bases for the process:

and once I got enough parts cloned it was time for assembly/sculpting.

Sculpting done!

After that it was the painting process. I started with white primer for the birds and black primer for the mages. base coat of tan for the birds and then drybrushed yellow & a little gold for the leader.

More painting, and we’re done!

Ready for battle!

T’was a Bodgin’.

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