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Mad Bodger's Log: Sabine Wren Suits Up

This was a bodge that switched gears early on. The original intent was to take Sabine from Star Wars: Rebels…

…and add her helmet to the model:

So to start I took a strip of paper and wrapped it around her head to figure out where the visor would go.

After that, I took that strip of paper and traced it onto plasticard:

….Aaaaaand after I glued that together, I sorta ditched this bodge because other projects caught my attention.

The End.

Well, at least the end of THAT idea. While a friend of mine was doing some shopping, we stopped in at the electronic section and I saw this guy:

…and that got the cogs turnin’ again.

I abandoned the scratch-built helmet idea and decided to smash these two together instead:

Soooo… it was out with the blade to do some slicing.

I’ve been using the same blade for over a year to cleave through metal and plastic alike (I prefer to use a dull blade, less blood that way), and it was taken out by this Fett killing jetpack:

…though APPARENTLY, he actually survived that.

Because money.


…from there I trimmed bits off of both figures:

There wasn’t much left of Boba, after the Sarlacc “incident”:

Sabine fared much better:

Aside from her losing her head, I guess…

That’s a piece of paperclip jammed into he neck hole, so that her head can be interchanged:

After all of that was figured out, it was time for some paint:

Then it was time to put it all together! :D

No Helmet:

With the helmet:

She’s ready to blast some Imps!

T’was a Bodgin’

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