Mad Bodger's Log: Koldun Kapitan Valachev

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

guess this is what you’d call a bodge of a bodge…of a bodge? Happens sometimes when I figure a former project is viable parts for a current project.

The base model used for this can be seen in the first portion of my "Zerkova Reborn" post.

If I had used new parts for this it would’ve been much simpler but that figure wasn’t getting used anyway.

Parts Used!

Then cork & Greenstuff.

The PROCESS: Step 1: Harvest parts from my previous bodge.

Step 2: make a cast of Valachev’s cape and shoulder using…rubber casting kit? not sure what to call it. you boil it, it’s easy to use.

Step 3: Apply greenstuff to cast and then drap cast over mini’s shoulders. Then play the waiting game.

Step 4: Once the GS is cured add the head, arms and hat.

Step 5: Paint.

At this point we were done but then I decided to turn all Greylords into Black Mages.

So Step 6: Rip off old hat, make new one out of GS.

Step 7: Paint again. Place with other mages.

T’was a Bodgin’

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